This is a love story.

Yes, like every good story, the SWISS 1876 love story is one of hard work, truth, commitment, patience and the art of beautiful moments. The kind of moments that make time disappear and yet live on, expansively. It’s a story of connection to one’s self and a connection to our purpose and to others.

1876 is a tribute to Joshua (our CEO's) family being the year in which the company was established and the tradition created thereof. Joshua is the 5th generation and tradition is the heart of his being. Swiss 1876 is inspired by the matriarchs in his family who were the foundation to the traditions of nurturing, supporting and dedication. His efforts are directed to providing opportunities to various community projects from the business. To create a company that can live on through time a company that touched others and had a real healing effect in their lives. A legacy of giving, a gift for his children and generations to come.

For Joyce, our President - career is a BIG part of her BIG heart. She treats every aspect of it with LOVE pouring her heart into all that she does as a wife, mother of 7, daughter, friend and Group President. Every connection comes from a deep place and magically, no matter how many people are around she makes you feel like you are alone with her. For Joyce, connecting to others makes a life - a life worth living.

As a group, we all hold on to love as our core value. Right there with QUALITY, PURITY and GROWTH. We already believe that these products are changing the world and so, it will be. 

Our love story is also your love story because love is something you can give to so many and still  have a basket-full to share some more. You deserve love. Self-love, health, growth and a sliver of luxury on the side, that’s what we are about, it’s the Euro in us.

If these Swiss born products could speak, they would paint each of these moments that brought them to life in a heartwarming story, standing proud because of what’s inside them. Being pure is a value that is cherished in people and one we strive to bottle into our products. Because bottling a virtue, is priceless. 

To our customer. We thank you for putting your trust in us, we want nothing more than to be with you when you artfully create your love stories. Please contact us anytime to share, we are all with you.

 SWISS 1876

Creators of Luxury CBD Products